【English Story】​Just Wait and See? 等着瞧吧!
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Just Wait and See!


作者:Marie Brown

绘者:Janie Bynum


今天分享的绘本是《Just wait and see》,河狸爸爸在院子里干活,他用木头做了一些东西,到底做了什么东西呢?

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Father Beaver was working in the yard.河狸爸爸在院子里干活。
He was making something out of wood.他用木头做了一些东西。

Little Beaver said,"What are you making,Father?"小河狸说:“爸爸,你在做什么?”
Is it for me?是给我的吗?
Is it for Baby Beaver?是给海狸宝宝用的吗?
Is it for you and Mother?"这是给你和妈妈的吗?”

Father Beaver said,"Just wait and see."河狸爸爸说:“等着瞧吧。”

Father worked and worked.父亲不停地工作。

"What are you making?"asked Baby Beaver.“你在做什么?”Baby Beaver问。
"Is it for me?“这是给我的吗?
Is it for Little Beaver?是给Little Beaver的吗?
Is it for you and Mother?"是给你和妈妈的吗?”
“Just wait and see”said Father Beaver.“等着瞧,”海狸神父说。
He worked and worked.他工作又工作。

Mother Beaver came out of the house.海狸妈妈从房子里出来了。
“What is Father making?”asked Little Beaver.“爸爸在做什么?“小海狸问。
“He will not tell us!”“他不会告诉我们的!

“What are you making?”asked Mother Beaver.“你在做什么?“海狸妈妈问。
“Is it for Baby Beaver?”“是给小海狸的吗?”
“Is it for Little Beaver?”“我是为小海狸设计的吗?”
“Is it for you and me?”“是给你和我的吗?“
Father Beaver said,“Just wait and see!”海狸爸爸说:“等着瞧!

Father worked and worked.父亲工作又工作。
Then he said,”Close your eyes.”他说:“闭上眼睛。”
Father worked some more.父亲又工作了一些。
“Open your eyes,“he said.“睁开眼睛,”他说。

“Look at this little house“said Father Beaver.“看看这所小房子,”海狸神父说。
”It is for Little Beaver, and it is for Baby Beaver.““是给小海狸的,是给小海狸的。”
“What color will you paint the house?”“你要把房子漆成什么颜色?”
Father Beaver asked them.海狸神父问他们。

“Just wait and see!”they said.“等着瞧!“他们说。